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We invite you to try out our new web based fan selection program that has been in the works for quite some time. One of the biggest advantages of using a web based application is that updates can be made instantaneously and no additional downloads are required. Every change is reflected in real time and functionality of the application













CFM Airsystems
Supplying commercial & industrial fans and
kitchen ventilation.

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Lasercut Manufacturing

New Laser Cutting manufacturing improves productivity and quality. This fiber laser machine is designed for use on all kinds of metal. The precise cutting fiber laser

CFD Modelling Services

Need help identifying your ventilation needs?
We offer CFD modelling for car park exhaust systems and can help with testing and performance verifications; these are meant for

Kitchen Ventilation

We offer a state of the art self-monitoring filtration system designed for high flow requirements Suitable for commercial kitchen applications. Fume & mist elimination

CFM Airsystems have a wide range of
products from commercial fans, industrial fans and
kitchen ventilation.

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